Sea salt-crystal


The thousand faces of the sea salt-crystal, its physiological effects- - The advantageous effects of the environment with sea salt-crystal.

Makrygialos in Greece with its sandy beach can be found in an environment with sea salt-crystal, which place is very well known among travellers because of its friendly and homely atmosphere, furthermore because of its safe holiday making. You can enquire about the settlement at the Andromeda Travel Agency! The microclimate of the holiday resort at the shore of the Aegean-sea- because of its high salt content- has an excellent effect on the organism.

The environment with sea salt-crystal is very supportive for preventing illnesses and with the help of it the immune system can be strengthened; the protective ability of the body is intensified. For the development of the nervous system and our mental capacity that component is essential, which can be found in this salt-crystal. It enhances the cell’s regeneration, strengthens the skin structure and the connective tissue, with its regenerative effect it slows down the skin’s ageing process.

It has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases and asthma symptoms as well, for healthy children and adults it helps to preserve health and gain more knowledge on it. It contains eighty-four mineral substances and all the trace elements that our body needs. These substances have a compensatory effect and activate the body’s self-helping ability.

If we breathe in air containing sea salt-crystals, it cleans the respiratory tracts, regenerates the mucous membrane and it is very effective against allergy and upper respiratory diseases. It creates a clean environment, which is free from any allergen substances and makes the air calming and regenerating. It has a positive effect on blood-circulation and improves general physical condition. Nevertheless, this environment influences our mood in a favourable way; : the salty air relieves the body from excreta, this way it also helps to maintain the level of some hormones.

he effect of clean air means that we instinctively breathe deeper it results that on the respiratory mucous membrane the working of the cilium-cells will improve, therefore breathing will be easier. Furthermore, magnesium-which is a mineral substance against stress-can enter the body through the skin and will have a relaxing effect.

Our body consists of two ancient substances, water and salt hence we could not live without them. Our ancestors had already known the importance of salt. The salt’s place of occurrences had always been kept carefully and it had been regarded as a great treasure. The person who possessed salt had power and fortune; therefore it had been called as „white gold”. Salt has a special feature, namely that our body does not have to decompose it to its components like all the other food. Salt remains salt and its ionic form, the salt-solution is always directly available for us.

We would not be able to create a single thought without salt because the nerve fibres can only transmit impulses if the components of salt: potassium and sodium are present. The steady osmotic pressure of the blood-plasma is assured by salt concentration, which makes metabolism possible between blood and tissues. All life derives from the salty water of the seas. This explains the salt- dependency of the human body. Salt can be fundamentally obtained from two sources: the more precious sea salt is made of course by the distillation of sea water. Mineral substances and trace elements are for example the following ones: iodine, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, brome and selenium. - Iodine plays an important role in metabolic processes, in the operation of the thyroid. - Calcium is important in the formation of the bones and as well as potassium, besides this, potassium improves the blood-supply of the skin and the selection of toxic materials. - Sodium is responsible for the acid and alkaline level. - Magnesium reduces tiredness and protects from heart diseases, it decreases blood-pressure and helps against asthma. - Brome has a good effect on the nervous-system. - Selenium is useful against viruses and slows down the ageing of the skin.

It is proved by medical examination that if we bathe in water rich in trace elements and sea salt-crystal having body temperature then after two hours, the beneficial components having absorbed through our skin will be found in our blood.

Hippocrates, the great Greek doctor and scientist, had described the effect of sea water on different diseases 2400 years ago. The healing power of salty air had already been known in Ancient Times as well.

It is more advisable to taste our food with sea salt in order that the contained useful substances could enter our body. It is important to know that, when we talk about vital salt we do not think of the every day used common salt but we refer to the natural crystal-salt containing mineral substances and trace elements, which physiological effect has been well known for a long time!