Treat your beloved!

Treat your beloved!

Would you like to present your partner with flowers or a cake or do you have a particularly unique idea for your child’s birthday? Has it ever occurred to you to make a surprise to your friends in a special way or to congratulate on your neighbour or colleagues’ birthday quite unexpectedly? Contact one of our colleagues so that s/he will help you carry out your idea.

Make your holiday memories unforgettable, give your beloved boundless joy ….in a Greek way. Book your trip and your accommodation at Makrygialos and plunge into new experiences together.

After you send us the following form, our colleagues will soon contact you and inform you about the prices precisely. Please give us such a telephone number and e-mail address that surprise cannot be revealed.

Please place your order of cake and flowers at least 7 days earlier. The cost of the surprise is to be paid by bank transfer or direct payment into our bank account within 2 days following your order based on the confirmation sent to you.

As long as you have further questions or requests, our colleagues are at your disposal at

The asterisked spaces are to be filled in. The other responses facilitate quick admininistration. Thank you for helping us by filling in the form precisely.

* Minimum amount: 2000 HUF / person

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