All nations could understand from the steps of Zorbas what the dance coming from the depth of their soul mean to Greek people when their leg is directed by their heart.

Why do you call yourself to be an expert of Greece?

The co-founder of the office has been born in the land of the Hellenes in Makrygialos. He had arrived to Hungary more than one and a half decade ago bringing his roots, culture and childhood memories with himself. It is no coincidence that our travel agency organizes trips to several countries but we regard Greece and Makrygialos to be our primary destination. People travelling with us to this holiday resort can gain such information with the help of us, which cannot be conveyed by any other travel agencies. We organize unique excursions and special hiking tours owing to the previously mentioned fact that we are familiar with the place.

Most people with associate the following images when they think of Greece: sky-blue sea, sunshine, glaring white houses and several thousand-year old ancient sights. It is no wonder that these features have become the brands of the country since millions of tourists travel here from far away countries to spend their summer vacation in Greece. It has to be said that genuine adventures can remain truly unforgettable if we experience them personally, if we are there and live through the moment. It can already happen before our journey that our imagination run wild and we travel to far-away lands in our thought and we can see the waves caused by the pleasantly mild breeze and the radiant sunshine in our mind’s eye. We can hear some melodies and can sense the pleasant smell of dishes from the pan in our nose. Some picture frames and the enchantment will soon capture us.

Surely, there are many of us who can enumerate some movies made in Greece off the top of his head. Film stars love Greece as well. “Zorbas, the Greek”, “Mamma Mia” and “Captain Corelli”… have you seen them yet? Makrygialos has already been discovered by the stars, look who is here? Look at the video!

Who has ever been to Greece cannot leave the country without being filled with a positive atmosphere, which is full of life and radiates from every Greek person. When you are in Greece, flavours will come alive and take you to a dreamland!

The guests of the Andromeda Travel Agency come home from Makrygialos with a smile on their face and with the help of their experiences; they will raise the interest in other people as well to visit this charming sea-side resort, Makrygialos again!

„There are things, which are transient and some are eternal. But it is up to us to decide into which basket we put our memories. Our love for Makrygialos is eternal. We have spent our holiday in Makrygialos several times, we have also enjoyed every minute of it and we can always find something special.” Anikó and Zoli

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Greece is a truly Mediterranean country; people make our journey unforgettable and attractive with their temperament and kindness. Who has once travelled to Greece to Makrygialos, it is very likely that he or she will return several times because every condition is given to a pleasant recreation.

Sit on the flying carpet and let your unlimited fantasy run!

„Makrygialos has been recommended to us and we are very satisfied with the organization work of Andromeda Travel Agency, we have received everything in a correct way what they have shouldered and even they have surpassed their undertakings and they have also done everything in the hotel that our stay would be very memorable. We have closed them to our heart for ever. We are very thankful to you for the lot of experience and care. ” Bea and her partner

We are wishing you a nice journey! “Kalo takszidi”, as the Greek say.

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Wow, it would be so good to travel to Makrygialos! Pleasant beach look at them here!

„We are very thankful to the hearty reception. We have been to many places during our holiday but it has never happened before that the Greek owner has greeted us kindly upon our arrival. Even more, during the well-organized journey we have felt as being family members from the first time. We have clinked glasses with a very fine wine and we are very glad that have chosen you to organize our trip what we have been greatly looking forward to. We are wishing you all the best and will never forget you and if we can we will return to you to Makrygialos.” An ageless couple

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Is it your desire to listen to the roar of the sea from your room? Or you would rather have a rest in a quiet and familiar environment a bit further away from the see?

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Let us see whether there are still any free rooms available and how much will they cost?

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