Good to know

Makrygialos is a seaside settlement and can be found in Northern Greece. It belongs to the Macedonian territory, which encompasses one of the largest parts of the country. The settlement is one of the most frequently visited holiday resorts in Macedonia.

The visitors’ favourite café and ice-cream parlour can be found on the terrace of the Hotel Dias Apartment, which is also one of the favourite accommodation of the area.

The drinking water in Makrygialoson, which comes from the tap, is drinkable. Its water is fed by the nearby springs. This is not the case at every place in Greece. There are some Greek islands where bottled water has to be transported by ship since there is no drinking water because of the heavy drought.

Makrygialos-deriving from its name-really justifies that it means “long shore” since it has a lot of beaches. There are several settlements under this name in Greece. Its beaches consist of free ones where we can also find organised beaches as well. In order to offer comfortable catering, deckchairs and sunshades have been placed by local catering units at some parts of the sandy beach. Their usage is free of charge.

The weekly market on Fridays is a colourful and bustling cavalcade, where besides the goods of local small-scale producers, we can also find grocers, fishermen, green-grocers and confection-sellers. On the Greek clothing even the emblem of the Greek flag can be also seen.

To experience a full moon or a sunset is the nicest from the Dias Nose, which got its name after the legendary mythological deity.