Frequent Questions

1.) Description of the holiday resort, videos and photos: under the menu points of “Makrygialos and Gallery”.

2.) Description of the accommodation, videos and photos: under the menu point of “Our accommodation”.

3.) On the spot: quality and professional assistance during the stay.

4.) WIFI: Free of charge WIFI connection at the Hotel Dias Apartment's terrace of the café’s and ice-cream on the ground floor.

5.) Beach: sandy, slowly deepening free beaches on the shore of the Aegean-sea with shower and dressing-cabin. On some coast sunshades and deck-chairs are placed by the catering units, that anyone can use against consumption, who likes. The price of consumption is normal tariff. You can enjoy a different dimension in entire relaxation from where you will arrive home with the feeling of regeneration. Besides the sandy beach, there are rocky bays and pebbly sea-shore as well. Videos and photos are at the “Gallery” menu point.

6.) Currency: In Greece it is EURO.

7.) Drinking water: Makrygialos is so fortunate, it possesses drinkable tap-water. There is no need to get bottled water, but if you desire it still instead, you can buy it at shops near.

8.) Studio: There is one bedroom in the same place with the kitchenette and it also has an own shower room and toilet. Apartment: One or two or more bedrooms, the kitchenette is separately or it is together with one of the bedrooms, there is an own shower room and toilet per apartments. The apartment with two or more rooms has one shower room/toilet and kitchenette section, so a two or more roomed apartment shares this section. Air-conditioning can be applied for if you pay an extra charge according to the given tariff, you have to say it and pay for it at the order; –it is available within a limited number. It is worth mainly asking for air-conditioning in the summer seasons (June-July-August) because of the Mediterranean climate.

9.) Half board: there is supper on the day of the arrival, on the following days you will receive breakfast and supper and on the day of the departure the last dining will be breakfast. Substantial and rich breakfast; the supper consists of three menu courses with dessert or fruit. Mediterranean diet supplied with international cuisine, healthy and home-made dishes. If there is a dining ordered in advance, you do not have to spend time with cooking, so relaxation, pampering and recreation will be complete during the holiday.

10.) There are optional programmes organized by the local Greek travel agency. You can apply for them on the spot, information, detailed descriptions and gallery: on the lateral menu column.

You can choose between novelties and classical facultative excursions and programmes where the spots will be presented and the Guests will be escorted by guides knowing the scenes at a high level and they also speak Hungarian.

11.) An agreement is reached: With Your order and with our written confirmation, and when the ordered services are paid by our Customer. (Further on: Client)

In case of on-line order, the Client with sending the order has accepted our travelling conditions. In this case, an agreement is reached when the Client has provably paid us the fee according to the travelling conditions; furthermore we have confirmed the order in a written form. In case of on-line order, if the Client-on the basis of our confirmation- has paid the due fees, it is regarded to be a contracting. The application is accepted just with conditions if there are not enough places or because of any other reasons, in this situation the contract will be only valid if we inform the Client that we have accepted his registration without conditions and the ordered services have been paid by the Client. Until the final dead-line of the registration is accepted, both parties can change their mind without any consequences.

12.) Data for the order: traveller’s name, address, time of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, the number of his valid travelling document (if he does not have a valid travelling document at placing the order, then he has to send it to us by post at latest one week before the journey.)

13.) Travelling document: About entry conditions, please inquire about at the appropriate embassies.

14.) Payment conditions and method of payment: We send the financial confirmation on the basis of the arrived data-sheet. You can transfer the money to our bank account or you can pay personally in our office. We ask for the copy of the transfer warrant in a scanned form in e-mail ( or by fax (00-36-22-316000) or by post! THE FINANCIAL CONFIRMATION CONTAINS THE BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER.


The name of the customer +the number of travellers, Makrygialos, the date of the travel/or accommodation.

After we have received the sum, we will prepare the contract on the basis of the filled in data-sheet, which will be sent electronically by e-mail and/or we send it by post for signing it, alongside with the invoice. Please, sign the necessary documentations and send them back to us in a scanned form by e-mail ( or by fax (00-36-22-316000) or by post. In case of an on-line order, it is also regarded to be a contracting if the Client-on the basis of our confirmation- has paid the due fees but he has not sent back the original contract to us with his signature. (It is an attitude expressing the intention of contracting!).

15.) Voucher/participation ticket: After having paid the complete participation fee, you will receive it from us in e-mail a week before your journey alongside with our mobile phone number. In case of travelling by bus, the voucher equals to an entry ticket for the bus.

16.) Name-modification/cession, cancelling, claim for modification: They are summarized in the contract.

17.) Travel-cancelling insurance: Alongside with the registration, the travel-cancelling insurance is charged compulsorily to certain items of the participation fee, which means 1,5% of the participation fee. Twenty per cent own risk is charged to the expenses of the traveller, which is deducted at the adjustment of a loss.

The insurance company decides about the compensation following the deduction of the own risk on the basis of its own relevant official business regulation.

18.) Accident-, health- and luggage insurance: According to the current scale of charges! To conclude them is the condition of travelling. The arisen expenses-within the frame and conditions of the BBP insurance- are paid by the Insurance Company if you have previously concluded accident-, health-, and luggage insurance at our travel agency.

19.) COMMERCIAL- AND ADVERTISING ACTIVITY: Any commercial and advertising activity can be carried out on the spot of the event just with our previous written permission, where the form and method of the activities had been clarified before.

20.) Customs and traditions: Regarding to the fact that the Greek customs and traditions are different from ours-deriving partly from a different culture- exchange relations come into existence with the personal meetings and events on the spot based on interest and liking.

21.) ORDER, BOOKING, EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION: Andromeda Travel, 2 Várkörút, Székesfehérvár 8000, Telephone: 00-36-30-6422922, Fax: 00-36-22-316-000