The Greek gastronomy’s world

If we think of Greece, the sky-blue sea, the sunshine, the dazzlingly white houses, the picture of thousands of years of ancient monuments unfold before us. It’s not a coincidence that these became the country’s trademarks and millions of tourist travel there in every year from distant lands to spend their vacation in Greece.

Beside the endless historical memories, the magnificent landscape and the hospitality the world-famous Greek gastronomy is in leader board. Greece is not only famous of its healthy dishes which made from fresh ingredients but they organized around the social and family events because they admire to eat and drink well.

How to start the day better than with a substantial breakfast? Who don’t want to dwell upon long on energy supplementation, they can short it with pita gyros which is also liked very much by the local people. We will find the island of peace when we enter to a kafenion where the local people drink coffee, the tavlizing, the exchange views or just sitting immersed in their thoughts. The lunch which has consumed in the city market’s restaurant has a feeling in the market noise which cannot write with words.

The unadulterated home flavors cannot replaced with anything, who really want this on Makrygialos with Andromeda Travel, they can count to homemade flavors within the framework of lunch and dinner with ordering of the half-board.

If we travel to Greece, no matter how many attractions can we put in our program either part of the country we visit, the culinary experiences will be common.

Enjoy your meal as the local people say in Greek language: Kali orexi!

If the saliva is dripping in your mouth and desire new flavours, decide today and book your trip.

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Favourite recipes

Home-made Tzatziki

Ingredients: 3 cucumbers, 500 ml thick yoghurt, 3 cloves of crushed garlic, 3-6 tbsp extra virgin Greek olive oil , 3-5 tbsp white Greek wine vinegar.

Preparation: 1.Peel the cucumbers fully or partly so that stripes of the green skin remain.

2.Grate it roughly, let it stand in the bowl until it drains.

3.Then squeeze out all the excess liquid. Add the extra virgin olive oil to the yoghurt, a dash of white vinegar wine and salt to taste and stir well with a wooden spoon.

4.Add the crushed garlic and stir softly with the prepared yoghurt. Finally, mix with the squeezed cucumber.