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How to buy your real estate in Greece?


Attention! Anyone can target you with Greek real estate purchase, it is important to be carefully and you see what is the offer, and who is a person and how to conducts the sale of the property.

About the risks and side effects you need someone who knows Greece perfectly. Ask the Andromeda Travel Agency, they are familiar with Greece.

The agency’s partner-founder was seen the sunlight in Makrygialos, the Hellenic’s land. He arrived in Hungary more than one and the half decade ago and he bring himself his roots, his culture and his memories. It’s not accidental that although the Andromeda Travel Tour Operator organize tours to more countries but still they keep Greece and Makrygialos as the number one target. From this holiday resort with those who travel with the Andromeda Travel Tour Operator they get such information that no one else can hand over.

You don’t want to pierce with yourself, do you? They offer you properties in ridiculously prices, don’t dare to sacrifice yourself! You don’t know how not to run into labyrinth?

Never mind! Turn to an expert, the Andromeda Travel Tour Operator handle your order amazingly flexibe.

Look one of the beach's video of Makrygialos >>

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