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A strong settlement is proud of its values and would like to show them to other people as well.

Makrygialos, the holiday resort, due to its favourable geographical location, can count on those internal and foreign tourists who visit the Macedonian capital Thessaloniki lying at the Bay of Thermaikos in Greece. The Aegean Sea can mean a further attraction since Makrygialos is located on the coast of it.Besides the historical role, the appeal of this kind Greek holiday resort can be found in bathing and authentic gastro-tourism as well.

Besides all of these aspects, the aim is that Makrygialos could remain an attractive holiday destination for families wanting to make excursions in the future as well.

The existing accommodation possibilities have been adjusted to demands, one of the most beloved accommodation houses is called, Hotel Dias Apartment and Star Beach Rezidency Resort, which waits for the Guests all year round. It is an excellent choice for longer holidays or for shorter recreations or just to stop there as a transit traveller in order to have a rest.

There are more and more parking possibilities. The information tables helping orientation serve the comfort of visitors.

All the possibilities of Makrygialos– its unique historical role, natural endowments and economical advancement- make the settlement really strong.

Its dynamic status will be positioned in Greece by the museum which is in the making.

Instead of the missed and wasted possibilities continuous deeds and work are needed. Continuous investments have become indispensible tasks.

The rich Greek cultural and the historical heritage from Pondos mean such a treasure for the inhabitants of Makrygialos, and this heritage has to be preserved and passed on to the future generation. Therefore the settlement needs committed co-operation and has to create a collection presenting the history and ethnography of the village, which can form a tight collective spirit.

Furthermore, the existing and well functioning cultural programmes have to be further popularized in order they could gain more recognition in Greece and abroad as well.

There are more and more programme series organized, which can attract a large number of tourists and these events make Makrygialos to be identified with Greece in international relations as well.

A strong holiday resort makes developments in a reasonable way. The sewage disposal programme-awaited for a long while- and the realization of the conduit project for the whole settlement have been started.

It has been an important investment to accomplish the direct exit of the motorway; with it the settlement has received a direct connection to the highway.