Adventures in the countryside

• Near Makrygialos there is a popular island that is also called the pearl of the Aegean Sea. It is Skiathos caracterized by its white houses, blue shutters, winding, narrow little streets, showy colours of bougainvillea, which are all known from picture postcards. The famous writer Alexandros Papadiamandis (1851-1911) was born on the island. Most of his writings are about the island and its ordinary inhabitants. His contemporary called him 'the saint of Greek literature' owing to his way of life. He was also thought to be a typical Greek writer as his and his heroes' soul reflects the soul of the Greek people.



• However strange it sounds, there is a ski resort 50 kilometres from Makrygialos.
The ski pistes in „Papa’s land”, as the locals call it await visitors on the north-east side of the Pieria mountains 1450 metres above sea-level. It is situated just 8 kilometres above Elatochori, the picturesque town.
It gives a unique view over Mount Olympus and the River Aliakmonas.
Althogh it is a relatively new ski resort it has become popular with the winter sport fans in no time due to both the excellent infrastructure and the wonderful scenery surrounding it. The ski centre has 10 pistes of different height and difficulty to meet the expectations of both beginners and experienced skiers. Besides there is a snowboard piste and it is possible to go sleighing. The total length of the pistes exceeds 12 thousand metres. There is a ski school and you can hire ski equipment, too.



• Greece's largest waterfall is situated within an hour's drive from Markrygialos. It is the town of Edessa surrounded by three mountains. The mass of water falling from high above penetrates your soul. On your way there take a glance at the houses radiating their former splendour, which may convey a rare atmosphere to your eyes longing for beauty.



• Makrygialos has such a lucky situation that it is near the Pantheon of the mythological Gods, not far from Mount Olympus. While we are wondering and walking on the seashore, the highest mountain peak of the country looks down at us.



• The once glorious Pydna is situated within 1500 metres from Makrygialos. As a Byzantine memento some excavated wall remains stand on the cliff. The former honorable town used to be the only port of Macedonia until the foundation of Thessaloniki.



• Sea wellness sand bath: in the nearly untouched surroundings the immune system strenghtens, the nerve system calms down.
It begins in the pools of sea water rich in salt. The black sea mud affects positively the cell functions. Following the relaxing float, the balance of body, mind and soul can harmonize with the renewing energies. While your skin is drying, the ingredients of the sea mud makes your skin tighten. Body scrub with fruit sea salt crystal stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The summer skin renewing vitamin treatment makes the skin fresh and velvety. The environment has an excellent effect on the organism.



• Thessaloniki is easily accessible on the motorway that connects it to Markygialos. The Macedonian metropolis with a population of one million is the second largest city of the country. In the bustling city the past centuries have left conspicuous traces of the past. It is not by chance that it is called the Greek-Macedonian 'capital' in the Thermaikos gulf.