Useful information

Categories of accommodation


***** These hotels fulfill all requirements, providing high quality services with well equipped rooms.

**** These high quality hotels provide high standard services and are perfectly equipped.

*** These hotels belong to the middle category as far as their services and equipment are concerned.

** These hotels are generally smaller with a friendly atmosphere. The rooms are equipped satisfactorily.

* These hotels are very simple with a friendly atmosphere. The rooms have simple furnishing.

Studios and apartments

These studios and apartments highly equipped and elegantly furnished.

These studios and apartments are highly equipped and nicely furnished.

These studios and apartments have more simple furnishing and provide mediocre services.

These studios and apartments have very simple furnishing but the equipment is satisfactory.

The categorization of the accommodations is done by ANDROMADE TRAVEL. The official local categorization can be found under the description of the accommodation.

Accommodation amenities: Beds: Double bed, 120-140 wide, single bed 80-90 cm wide. Studio apartment: bedroom and kitchen in the same space and a shower / toilet. Apartment: one, two or more bedrooms, a separate kitchenette, and a shower / toilet. The apartments with two or more rooms have one shared shower / toilet and one shared kitchenette.