The coasts of Makrygialos offer indescribable variety for visitors.

The holiday resort has an authentic nature and sandy beaches; therefore we can expect genuine Greek atmosphere if we choose this friendly seaside settlement as a destination. The place has a four-seasonal tourism, so it can be an excellent choice on any day of the year.

To live through an experience it is not enough a nice landscape, the bright sky or the sea and beaches. The human nature is needed; his desire and want to become part of the experience! We do our best that visitors coming to the Greek holiday resort, called Makrygialos will be able to get to know the secrets, common memories, landscapes, traditions, past and present of the settlement. Wonders have to be discovered and through this discovery we can grasp the past and present values of the place and realize its collective spirit.

You can live through experiences, which will last for a life-time here in Makrygialos in Greece and the Andromeda Travel is here to help you and offers you its services.

We are grateful for the complimentary sentence, which has been said and registered into our guest-book by our Guests, saying that: “We arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.” This saying has become our slogan as well.