The vacationers can entertain to the music of every actors of the music industry in the authentic holiday resort Makrygialos. You can find all kind of style, beside the Greek music, you can dance to Hungarian music since the local bar owner’s have been prepared from the Hungarian music from the last few decades. But if you listen to modern, electronic music, funky or soul, it”s not a problem, the DJ-s are appreciate your conception. But if you are already in Greece, the Greek music will seduce you so don’t miss to dance the sirtaki’s disco version to it.

There are some beaches where the music sounds in a low key, on the other places, in the hidden coastal sector the music is rumbling, you can dance in beach sandals and swimming trunks with your friends. These parties can also be international and don’t be suprised when the local or other young people from other countries, who also came to spend their holiday, will join to the dance.

If you get tired of the crowd and the bellowing melodies and you want to be romantic with you partner in a little bay, huddled together and want to listen to the sunset hand in hand, there is also also a method for this. Makrygialos can also offer this to those who arrive there.p>

You can bask your belly in the velvety soft sand of the beach, you can enjoy the pleasure of do nothing or you can swim in the sea. You can also dive near the rocky pebble beach so it’s no harm to put in your lugguge you goggles, your pipe and your frog legs as well. You are thinking about how you will feel yourself in Makrygialos. We can provide you that it will be the most memorable summer in your life. There are some wonderful beaches because Makrygialos’s name means: long shore.

The Greek cuisine is world-famous, its flavor differ from the flavor we get used to in our country. Not only the dishes but it worth to try the beverages as well. Absolutely taste the sea fruits because the shells and the fishes caught by the local fishermen are put to the table freshly.

There is a special program here which is particularly famous and furthermore cannot be found elsewehere in the continent. The program is accompanied by a lot of fun and laughter, brings back your childhood experiences when you threw mud in the shallow water and you built a sandcastle with your parents. Now you meet with sea mud which you can not only smear on your head but you can overwrap your whole body with it from head to toe while you can learn Greek dance steps as well. The trick is not easy but feasible and your place is at the quicksand shower wellness program!íp>

Look a termin, book it and you can travel!

The best rooms are booked very early. In your dreams you passionatly dream about to see the magically blue sea from the balcony of your room or you can sleep to the murmur of the sweet waves at night. Decide as soon as possible! Even now. Let’s see if there is a free room?

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If you not only want to party in the night clubs and in the daylight relax and on the beach and just enjoy the sunshine but you want to go on a trip as well and learn about the area’s attractions, you can also do it. The local Greek travel agency organize facultative programs everyday to come to know more about the country’s tradition and culture.

If you don’t take on the bus everyday to travel, learn the habits and history of local people, it is worth to sacrifice to gain experience.

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Travel with anything, even with the Andromeda’s bus, with plane or with car, you can be sure that you will benefit the best if your Greek holiday’s aim is Makrygialos in the organizing of Andromeda Travel Agency. The Greek amphitryon will wait for you and take care of you. If you haven’t meet him yet, it’s the best chance to meet with him. Look at the photo galery, the owner wave from afar. http://bit.ly/1dO1BMK

„Thank you in the name of the whole group but as individuals as well, these two weeks gave everyone of us a special experience. This place can be the prime example of the hospitality, the endless kindness and helpfulness. You yourselves contributed to the completeness of the experience! Krisztián and the others

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