Pydna - In the trace of the past together …coincidence of millennia

Life comes back between the old walls. The archeological park seduces with exciting

The sign informs you about the glorious days of the castle. Old crafts come to life by
displaying excavated earthenware and period stoneware.

The site provides excellent possibility for a romantic wedding. In the evenings visitors can
take delight in floodlights.

Pydna can only become a tourist attraction if it provides experiences for tourists. It conveys
knowledge to the guests clearly, in a simple way. Becoming familiar with this information
also means entertainment and relaxation.

The communication of experiences is essential to discover the past. Modern tourists of our
age are looking for destinations with the help of the daily use of the internet.

The renovation of the different sections has come to an end after a long period of work. There
is excavation such as the thousands of year-old stone cistern that resisted time.

Pydna plays an important role in tourism regarding cultural routes. Yet in the future its
maintainers will search for a characteristic brand within a particularly close collaboration, so
that castle tourism will attract a lot of visitors to this place.

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