Declaration Considering the Protection of Personal Details

The webpage is operated by Andromeda Travel Agency (8000 Székesfehérvár, Várkörút 2, allowance number: U-00187) (in the following referred to as Operator). The users who visit the online surface /in the following referred to as Users/ by their behavior that suggests their intentions of booking online in advance accept the conditions of usage set by the operator.
The operator gives the details in this declaration considering the protection of personal details about the protection provided considering the details of the user.

The Operator keeps the regulations precisely that are concerned with the protection of personal details given during the booking procedure and in the contract which are set int he statute concerned with the protection of personal details and the publicity of details that are in general interest. We treat the details that are kept in our system confidentially and with care. We do not pass personal particulars on to any third person.

The Operator sends a newsletter to those who have signed up for it.
By signing up to the newsletter, the User has given his/her consent to the fact for the Operator to send a newsletter to the User.
The signing up can be carried out either on the webpage of the Operator and on the details page filled out during online booking. The Operator sends a confirming e-mail after each signing up is carried out to the e-mail account of the signed up user. The signed up user by clicking on the individual link sent to him/her in the e-mail can confirm that it has really been him/her that has signed up for the newsletter. The Operator stores the dates of the signing up as well as the confirmation with the attached IP address according to the respective legal measurements and regulations.

For those who want to withdraw from the newsletter contains a unique withdrawal link. If the User does not want to receive a newsletter further, s/he is to click on the individual link and step back from the newsletter. Should technical obstructions arise you can ask for the deletion of your e-mail address directly in an e-mail as well.

The Operator is allowed to use the e-mail address of the signed up users exclusively for sending them the newsletter. It is forbidden to pass the address on the any third person under all circumstances. The Operator does its best to keep the stored addresses safe and to prevent any third persons from getting them and abusing them.

The Operator can use the details of the Users exclusively for the purposes for which the User has given his/her clear consent. 

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