Sending talk of experiences

Register on the hompage before sending the account.

1. Registration

- You must provide your username and a valid e-mail address on the next page: http://

- Registation must be activated according to the information in the e-mail sent to the given address.

- Log into the page at ’Enter’ in the bottom right-hand corner..

2. Sending an account

- In the place of ’Enter’ new menu is seen. By clicking on ’Sending the content’ then
on ’Account’ you can start uploading your account. (Once you are logged in, the link is:

- By filling in the spaces, you can upload the account. You may attach maximum 5 pictures
which are automatically resized. It is also possible to attach three Youtube videos. Add the
link of an uploaded video which will be seen under the account

- By clicking on the button ’Save’, the account is stored.
This picture has to be seen if your uploading is successful after clicking on the button ’save’.

If you cannot see it, please write to the editor.

3. Activating the publication of the account
It will be published on the page of the accounts as soon as the administrator of the page
permits it.