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Einsendung des Erlebnisberichtes

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Márti és Zoli

Hogy is történt? :) Elmentünk egy esküvői kiállításra és megnyertük a fődíjat.
Az utazás nagyszerű volt és köszönjük az utazási irodának ezt a klassz nászutat. :) Az úton sok gyönyörű tájat láttunk. A szállásunk szupi volt. Tengerpartra néző. Ezt Mi ki is használtuk hisz minden reggel és este ott ültünk és beszélgettünk. A reggeli kávé a tenger morajlása és a nap felkelte mellett. Az esti beszélgetés is nagyszerű volt egy pohár ital és a csillagos ég alatt.
A fakultatív programok jók voltak. A meteorák, Athén, Olymposz, stb.

Once in a lifetime experience

Anita, Erzsi and their friends

We expected this from Andromeda, because we heard from our friends that it was worth to travel with Andromeda! Thank you very much for the kind welcome and hospitality.

The amphitryon welcomed us

Forever young

We are grateful for the kind welcome. There was one thing which had never happened to us before, although we had stayed at a lot of places, namely the Greek amphitryon welcomed us with a great pleasure. During our well-organized travelling we even felt like being a part of the family.

Life has brought it

Judit and Pali

I had experienced my first seaside holiday somewhere not too far from Makrygialos. Although I was a child at that time, my memories are kept clearly. In the past 20 years I travelled around Europe, but my heart wished to go back to Greece.

I got to know my love with whom we had started organizing our wedding ceremony one year before our wedding and it was not a question, that we would like to do it in a place on the beach. After a long time spending it with searching on the internet I found you. When we finally met you in person, we were sure that we had made the right decision when we had chosen you for organizing our wedding.

True I felt like a princess…

Judit and István

If we see Makrygialos from the aspect of a young married couple, it is the union of piece and amazing night life. We are thankful for the love what we received from our hosts and for the attention received from the staff members of the office. Everything went well, as we had expected.
The Orchidea apartment has a great feeling, it lifts the honeymoon’s mood up.
The sunrise is an unforgettable experience from our panoramic window in our suit.

Our Love, Makrygialos

Anikó and Zoli

Something passes away, something is eternal. But we decide which goes to which basket. Our love for Makrygialos is eternal.

It is always in our heart

Bea and her pair

The Andromeda Travel recommended us to go to Makrygialos and we are very satisfied with their work,

Our holiday in Greece at first time :-)

Brigi and Dorci

First time we made holiday in Greece. We like so much and my friend too. It was very good the optional programme and it was gripping in Edessa. The beach is so nice in Makrygialos.

In the footsteps of the past…the union of thousands of years

Virág Kis

As you walk on the road on the seaside you can visit Pydna in an idyllic, blossoming environment which remains guard the past. On the cliff there stands some explored wall as a Byzantine memory.

Virág Kis