Our weddig in the seaside of Makrygialoson

We got acquainted with my husband of course in Makrygialos a couple of years ago. Back then, the sun was shining as well and the sea had a crystal blue colour. On the day of our wedding I recalled the moments of our first meeting. When we have first looked into each other’s eyes, I have not thought of getting married there but when we have decided to be a couple; we could not have found a better solution for agreeing to marry each other. Since my husband is Greek he has lived his everyday life in the beautiful seaside of Makrygialos since his childhood. Therefore, it has been logical for him to hold his wedding ceremony in that place.

We have shared the same ideas and I am very glad that I have not insisted on a Hungarian scene. I have thought that there is no need for a nicer environment than the scenery recalling ancient times and the Aegean Sea. Therefore, we have got married in October in beautiful weather.

I can tell it from my own experiences that it is difficult to find more ideal place for getting married than Makrygialos. After saying our marriage vows, where the ceremony was held according to Greek traditions, the slicing of the cake and the clinking with champagne has happened on the fine sandy beach in accordance with my wishes.

I have a strong belief that a successful marriage is greatly influenced by the wedding experiences; I will always remember our wedding with great pleasure. I boldly recommend everyone to choose Makrygialos and to jump into the unknown. More precisely you do not have to jump into the unknown; all you have to do is to trust the colleagues of the Andromeda Travel Agency; as it turns out from the above written story that they refer to their own experiences when they offer an intimate wedding ceremony in Greece.

It may seem a common-place but it is still true that the wedding ceremony is the nicest day of those who are preparing for getting married. It has happened the same way in our life as well. When we are watching the photos and videos about the ceremony with my husband; we can see our joy and the joy of our family members, then we think that it cannot be an accident that more and more people follow our examples and ask us to organize their wedding.

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