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Die Situation in Griechenland und der Sommer...

Our dear Friends, dear Acquaintances and dear Guests,

Lots of people asked us, what’s about Greece, what’s the news in our home with thousands years history. We respond about it with deep love of our heart:

In Greece nothing don’t disturb and don’t influence the holiday-programs in our lovely country in any case, tourists can continue travel to us in top safety at all times. In our famous holiday resort Makrygialos and also in other Greek seaside resorts that people like, there is calmness and “stress-free” days pass in peace of mind. Of course, our life don’t stop, we are all preparing and waiting for the summer season, because Greece has a unique geographical position, so the sun shines, the sea is allure to swim, we can enjoy these attractive things, that nobody can take from us – from the Greeks.

Makrygialos kept and follows to have its own friendly, familiar atmosphere in safe environment, and we can offer and give excellent services here in Makrygialos also this year, as well as in every previous year before. That’s why, according to these effects our clients arrive home from Makrygialos full of pleasing memories and relaxed.

If we are charged with the organization of your nice journey and holiday, surely you are going to fill up with such a positive experiences in Makrygialos – believe it!

Hospitality and sincerely yours,
Ioannis & Evangelos Giantsios

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